Confidential check-in stations
Typical blood-draw stations
Centralized staff work area provides visibility and collaboration
Staff areas are semi-private and provide confidentiality
Typical exam room
Typical procedure room

Maple Valley Clinic

Maple Valley, WA

Healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting the “team center” approach to facilitate staff communication, especially as medical assistants and physician’s assistants take on a greater share of patient care. The new MultiCare Maple Valley Clinic, located in a shopping center in a growing suburb, includes 18 exam rooms, a minor procedure room, X-ray, blood draw and lab, and injection room.

To foster the “team medicine” work style favored by MultiCare, Clark/Kjos designed this clinic with a centralized staff space with a view of each exam room door. Both doctors and nurses can then see the status of each patient’s progress through the visit and can collaborate closely for their care. Medical assistant stations face the exam room hallways for easy access and visual control, while provider workspaces are screened within a more private, semi-enclosed group work area.

Ancillary services such as X-ray and blood draw are located near the front door to minimize steps by patients and to segregate quick visits for these services from other clinic visitors. With an emphasis on pediatrics at this clinic, inlaid animal footprints in the sheet vinyl and whimsical artwork appeal to children and parents alike.