Deep Sea themed exterior serves as both play area and a distinct pediatrics clinic entrance
Waiting area that provides a respite for parents with ample light
Ship inspired front desk with suspended sea life above
Interactive play area
Team center
Kid-friendly and playful patient room

Pacific Pediatrics

Woodburn, OR

This 8,600 square foot deep sea adventure inspired clinic is located in a wing of a former big box retail store and shares the converted building with Silverton Health’s Wellspring Health Center.  It was designed to provide easily accessible state-of-the-art services while creating a clinic visit like no other.  The clinic includes 12 exam rooms, a mini lab, WIC services and supports group visits. Every surface was thoughtfully designed to engage and provide positive distractions for patients to take away the anxiety of a typical office visit.

The dynamic deep sea motif creates a unique experience that captures the imagination of children through discovery and play:

  • Kids enthusiastically explore the 30-foot yellow submarine that extends through the front of the building into the waiting room.
  • An interactive wall projection system in the main seating area promotes active play and entertainment.
  • They discover a series of feature elements throughout the clinic, such as porthole-shaped custom digital aquariums and suspended colorful sea life.