The ‘Why’ Behind our Work

Exterior of building

Clark/Kjos Architects is celebrating our 30th anniversary in business this year, and we look forward to continuing our mission to create better healthcare environments for the organizations and the people we serve. Since our inception, we have been bridging the gap between facilities, people, and technology to help healthcare organizations create the best possible experience for patients, staff, and visitors. Whether the goal is to create an inspiring patient experience, launch a new healthcare strategy, or refresh an existing space, we use our expertise to design solutions that will achieve those goals comprehensively and efficiently.

What is the WHY behind our work? We do what we do because we are ardent champions for the patient experience, and we align with our client’s commitment to finding solutions to drive better patient outcomes. We are passionate advocates for their ideas, always striving for clarity of purpose and designing solutions that support their mission. We are passionate advocates for high-performing healthcare architecture, and we demonstrate our advocacy in the following ways: Read More Here