How We Help Find Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable large hospital lobby

Sustainable solutions reduce the environmental impact of building construction, and usually reduce operating costs.  We work to create long term value through design, and this does not change, regardless of sustainability status.  The design process is the same, whether or not certification is the goal.  How we help find sustainable solutions:

  • Through an initial workshop/eco-charrette, client and design team members establish high performance design goals and specific strategies for sustainability.
  • Sustainable design and operational concepts are considered early alongside medical planning concepts, facility infrastructure and materials, code compliance and budget constraints.
  • During each phase, the team regularly identifies assignments, issues, questions and cost analyses affecting the implementation of goals and strategies.
  • Decisions made, system metrics and product information are recorded to evaluate progress towards the high performance healing environment envisioned.
  • Focusing client teams on life-cycle costs early in the programming phase, creates a readiness to gain the benefits of green design solutions.
  • Using advanced building information modeling initiates energy models sooner, identifying building design and infrastructure systems options earlier.
  • Modeling life-cycle costs with first costs in comparing options, expressing benefits as return-on-investment rather than payback to help owners understand true financial impacts of decisions is part of the process.
  • Facilitate comparison of performance and value for mechanical systems, building envelope and glass types, and exterior shading devices.
  • Use daylight analysis to model light levels with different glass areas and with lighting controls, targeting ways to reduce energy use.