Brookings Medical Center, Brookings, OR
MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, WA

Sustainable Design

High performance and value...empowering facilities

Clark/Kjos emphasizes sustainability in all our projects, whether it’s through LEED, the Green Guide for Healthcare, or the Owner’s preference. Our sustainable design approach is based on the following concepts:

To design sustainably, at its heart, is a business decision  Many sustainable solutions reduce operating costs, mostly in the long term. CKA’s approach:

  • Use BIM to initiate energy models early in the concept phase, identifying options earlier
  • Comparing design options, expressing benefits as return-on-investment by modeling life-cycle costs with first costs, showing Owners the true financial impact of decisions
  • Facilitate comparison of performance and value for specific building items, such as: boiler types, glass types, and exterior shading devices
  • Use daylight analysis to model light levels with different glass areas and with lighting controls, targeting ways to reduce electrical energy use