Main Entry
Interior Entry/Commons: Example of natural materials and daylighting used to create a non-institutional feel to the building
Signage Detail
Gardens were brought into the center of the former big box building at Silverton Health
Physical Therapy Waiting Area and Commons
Before and After Photo of Entry: Architectural elements were added to break the box form to make entry more welcoming
Physical Therapy With Healing Garden View

Wellspring Medical Center

Woodburn, OR

This freestanding health and wellness center, designed for long term client Silverton Hospital, completely transforms the shell of a defunct retail chain store. Envisioned to complement the hospital’s customary services, it provides a unique environment for many complimentary care options: integrative medicine, aesthetics/dermatology/spa, NW style bistro, health retail, PT/rehabilitation, conference center, fitness center, health education, urgent care, healthy weight, and healing gardens.

This project derived from the Client’s strategic goals of capturing a wider array of health-promotion revenues, increasing hospital referrals and a commitment to forward thinking medical developments.

The vision for the center is to create a highly inviting, integrated, and collaborative environment which will:

  • Empower its customers to take charge of their health by providing a variety of services.
  • Cater to customers, from the parking lot to browsing amenities, providing helpful staff.
  • Provide a dramatic and memorable locus of health.

The exterior image/branding will tie the Center back to the Hospital by echoing the facades red wall and wood trellis.

The building will provide a sophisticated backbone for all digital services. Connectivity will include scheduling, medical records, and billing services.

An interesting challenge: The project is a transformation of an empty K-Mart building. To undo the constraints of the ‘box’, we added curved walls, cut in gardens and turned the parking lot into a garden with parking!

Wellspring incorporates “Green” materials and construction practices, reusing 100% of pre-existing shell, and recycling 90% of demolition waste. It uses day lighting and high performance glass, bringing nature indoors with four-season healing gardens, rain catch basin for integrated water features and many other sustainable strategies. These features will be explained on displays in and around the building to educate the public.