Sky Bridge Connecting to Hospital
Main Lobby
Pedestrian Walkway Canopy
Sky Bridge to New Medical Office Building

Tuality Medical Building

Tuality Healthcare, Hillsboro, OR

Tuality Seventh Avenue Medical Plaza is a five story facility designed to extend the quality health care services of Tuality Community Hospital. This facility includes 40,000 sq. ft. of ground floor medical, retail, and customer amenities. Two floors, each 30,000 sq. ft., will be used for imaging and outpatient surgery services. Two 18,000 sq. ft. floors will be used as office space for medical care providers. A new sky bridge provides a protected connection to the Hospital and transitions differing floor heights. The bridge also serves as a vital link to the roof top heli-stop for life flight patients.

The project began as a collaborative effort between Tuality Healthcare and Clark/Kjos Architects to develop a long-term plan for the Hillsboro campus. One of the first elements needed to accommodate the Hospital’s projected growth and expanding health care services for the community was an ambulatory facility.

The Owner decided to build this project with no upfront capital. To accomplish that goal Pacific Medical Buildings (PMB) became a partner in the development of the building. Andersen Construction was added to the team, providing construction services for a “design-build” solution.

Though the dynamics of the team changed at several stages in the project, the group never lost sight of their goals. This served to elevate the overall building design, and enhance the Hospital campus and community of Hillsboro.

The use of decorative facade elements, low level exterior lighting, and landscaped pedestrian plazas surrounding the ground floor softens the effect of the zero setback, five story building. Materials used were selected to blend with the character of the campus and also distinguish the new facility. More glass was used than with traditional hospitals as a method of differentiating the ambulatory nature of this project. Obtaining a vacation for the street separating the project from the hospital allowed a focus on pedestrian plazas and the creation of Tuality Court. This further enhanced the pedestrian scale of one of the larger buildings in Hillsboro.