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Waiting Atrium
Exam Room
Treatment Room

St. Joseph Cancer Center

Bellingham, WA

This project is a complete makeover of an existing cancer center; changing the appearance, layout, nature and purpose of the building, yet keeping the building in continuous operation with a very high patient load.

The original, 1980, 18,000 SF wooden building was built for a private group of investor physicians. By 1993 the building had doubled its patient load to 60 patients a day, many coming from British Columbia.

St. Joseph Hospital purchased the facility and determined to expand the treatment capability from one to two 23 MEV Varian linear accelerators. The 18,000 SF addition also provided a chemotherapy center with tumor registry, library, education rooms, offices. All completed without any interruption to patient service.
Set in a forest background the interior trellises, subtle patterns, light finishes, and large conservatory windows bring the outdoors inside while providing the latest in therapy and treatment technology.