The new angiography room
The new lab as seen from the control room, showing the generous work space and ample supply and equipment storage

St. Charles Angio Cath Lab

Bend, OR

Our plan for interventional and surgical procedures for St. Charles Medical Center Bend included planning for new Catheterization and Angiography labs. By locating these new spaces across the corridor from two existing cath labs (designed by Clark/Kjos in 2007), we created an integrated interventional suite with shared support spaces, scrub alcoves, and access control. The new Cath and Angio suites are generously sized to make optimal work spaces and accommodation of equipment and supplies. Views and access from the control rooms are ideal.

Most of all, this project brought interventional radiology staff together in one place to maximize efficiency and collaboration in an improved sterile environment, thereby improving patient care for angio and cath patients.