Northeast Facade Adjacent to Highway
Reception and Waiting Area
Staff lunch and meeting area
Main Entry for the Spa
Staff Work Station
Procedure Room | East facade, Garden and Screened Entry for Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery & Spa

Vancouver, WA

Balancing the differing needs of the building’s two owners, a hand surgeon and an aesthetic procedure/plastic surgeon, Clark/Kjos designed a new 7,000 Sq.Ft. medical clinic to serve them both. Located on a challenging site which was further constrained by a large utility pole, CKA sited the building close to the street and minimized the view of the pole by putting the parking and entrances on the other side. A garden wall defines the building along the street and provides visual interest. Three well-defined entrances serve the staff and two doctors separately.

To soothe customers, the reception/waiting space has abundant natural light and views of nature. The patient is greeted at the entrance by a dramatic fountain, composed of three basalt monoliths, rising out of a reflecting pool. This affords patients a visual and audible respite buffering the robust nature of the adjoining mall. Soft lighting, ‘floating’ ceilings, maple paneling and hospitality furnishings all contribute to the overall atmosphere.

Multiple source, direct, indirect and decorative lighting play a crucial role in the design, by accenting architectural details and becoming sculptural forms, as in the ring of recessed lights in the lobby ceiling, each trimmed in translucent cobalt blue glass collars. Patient care areas pivot around a flexible staff work center for maximum efficiency, supervision and customer service. Patient treatment rooms are designed with positive patient psychology in mind, using rich colors, wood accents, and careful lighting.