Good Samaritan Hospital Master Plan

Puyallup, WA

Clark/Kjos has developed a strategic partnership with the Good Samaritan Hospital. The partnership began when Good Sam was an independent hospital. Our team provided design services to on-going projects on campus, such as remodels, additions and upgrades to respond to changing needs. These services are still continuing.

When Good Sam chose to become affiliated with a larger system it approached Clark/Kjos to asses the facilities’ portions of the systems’ proposals. We analyzed and compared the proposals, providing the board with a comparative analysis of what each proposing system offered.

The board chose to affiliate with the Multicare system. The affiliation process resulted in an infusion of capital funds to replace outdated, “vital” portions of the facilities.

Clark/Kjos is currently collaborating on the master planning, programming and design of a $300 million replacement facility. The projects are scheduled to be completed in 2016. The planned outcome will be a new campus that includes a new entrance; a new patient tower accommodating all replaced functions, a new parking garage, a new medical office building and other miscellaneous buildings.

Meanwhile, Clark/Kjos continues to provide Good Samaritan with design services for their on-going needs in the existing campus.”