Reception / Waiting Area
Treatment Bays
Bays with Privacy Curtain Drawn
Exterior Overlooking Garden
Nurse Station
Private Treatment Room

Emenhiser Center

Lebanon, OR

The Emenhiser Center, completed in 2006, was developed to provide a quiet, restful space in which patients would receive a variety of chemotherapy treatments. Lebanon, Oregon is a small, rural community where it’s not unusual to know just about everyone while walking the corridors of the Hospital. Privacy and peace are desirable commodities at SLCH, and to that end, the focus is on lovely gardens that all can view, walk through and be near.

Given a limited but fantastic location at the west end of the newly completed Healing courtyard, the IV Therapy program was developed to incorporate the expansive waterfall – both visually and spatially into the treatment spaces, waiting areas and connecting hallways. The main treatment areas radiate from a central nurse station towards the waterfall, with the ability for staff to watch their patients from a central location and enjoy the view as well. Support spaces, offices, toilets and supplies are ‘back of house’, allowing the floor to ceiling windows to bring the outdoors in.

The cantilever of the floor over the Koi pond also softens the distinction between inside and out, giving a sense that the water is within easy reach. Materials are nature based – bamboo, linoleum, wood, leaf-embedded polymer panels -even the glass has a ripple texture to remind one of the connection to the water. The columns and tables are of organic forms to visually ‘remove’ the patient from the hospital and put them inside an environment that is focused on getting them well.

Long-term client SLCH continues to evolve their philosophy of care, taking advantage of the latest evidence based studies provided on healing processes, and updating their facility to support new methods and technology.