For thirty years, Clark/Kjos Architects has been bridging the gap between facilities, people, and technology to help healthcare organizations create the best possible experience for patients, staff, and visitors. Whether the goal is to create an inspiring patient experience, launch a new healthcare strategy, or refresh an existing space, we use our expertise to design solutions that will achieve those goals comprehensively and efficiently.

What is the WHY behind our work? We do what we do because we are ardent champions for the patient experience, and we align with our client’s commitment to finding solutions to drive better patient outcomes. We are passionate advocates for their ideas, always striving for clarity of purpose and designing solutions that support their mission. We are passionate advocates for high-performing healthcare architecture, and we demonstrate our advocacy in the following ways:

  • We design inspiring workplaces & care environments. It takes more than stunning design elements to achieve an inspiring design. We start each project with a clear goal-setting session to outline design opportunities to use architectural strategies to improve the staff and patient experience. Whether it is access to natural light, views of nature, use of natural materials, strategic use of color, or an emphasis on acoustic privacy, these early goals reinforce the design team’s focus on both the patient and staff’s human needs. We feel we have the responsibility to these solve needs with thoughtful and uplifting architecture.
  • Whether designing a new medical office building, outpatient surgery center, or regional hospital, we take the responsibility of leading the design process from design until project completion very seriously. As servant leaders, we know of only one way to manage projects, where collaboration and active listening provide a balance between design innovation and cost. We deliver our services through leadership and collaboration, and both are critical to delivering the best results for our clients.
  • We also combine extensive research-based best practices with our deep clinical design expertise to drive improved patient outcomes and reduced operational costs. Research gives insight to our clients to help them improve efficiency, manage risk, and provide better care. Our healthcare clients count on us to help them create a positive impact. We use research and lean methods to optimize our clients’ operational models.
  • We create sustainable, durable, and flexible design solutions.  As an innovative healthcare design firm, we are passionate about rethinking old ways of working by researching viable new solutions, materials, or construction methods. We understand that healthcare projects must be responsive to both the planned use and the assumed change that will occur over the life of the building. We think deeply about what we design to create responsible, timeless, and valuable structures to provide our clients long-term value.