View from Street
Courtyard Wall Detail

Featured at Cooper Hewitt

Portland Homeless Youth Facility featured in “By the People” Exhibition at Cooper Hewitt Museum

Clark/Kjos’ design for the ‘Outside In’ youth facility in Portland, Oregon is one of 60 organizations featured in Cooper Hewitt’s current show in New York.  The focus of the exhibit is projects for disadvantaged Americans, where designers collaborated with the served population to create a unique response.  The youth and staff to be served by Outside In’s building were included as part of the design team, guided and interpreted by Clark/Kjos’ designers.

The project is now 10 years old, but CKA has designed additions in the ensuing years, while remaining true to the original mission of creating a facility which assertively invites and encourages homeless and disenfranchised youth to become independent.  Through an extensive use of expressive and loosely attached building elements and a wide range of integrated artworks, Outside In’s environment reflects an ‘unfinished’ and experimental quality of the youth themselves.

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