Rebuilding Center Volunteer Event
VR Happy Hour
Monthly Project Pin-up
Curling Teambuilding Event
End of Year Celebration

Clark/Kjos Staff

Clark/Kjos’s people are focused on how architecture can be a catalyst in the lives of our building’s users. We are motivated by the opportunity to create excellence, our collaborative team work environment, everyday challenges for authorship and responsibility, a healthy/sustainable architecture focus, partnering with health professionals to improve health outcomes, close client relationships, and our passionate, caring co-workers.

Some specific ways we promote our values:

Learning Organization
Out-of-office education allowance
In-office education through monthly ‘brown-bags’ and Friday at 4 events
Monthly design pinups over pizza
Firm pays national professional association dues

Collaborative work-place
Mentoring program for all new employees
Weekly project team meetings
Integrated architect-interior design teams
Annual reviews & mid-year career lunch

Social life at CKA
Monthly First Wednesday discussions
Friday at 4 events
Annual golf/disc golf tournament
Annual holiday party
Summer family picnic

CKA Professional Groups
LEAN Project Delivery
Revit Development Team
Green Team

Volunteer Events
Habitat for Humanity
Race for the Cure