But not too far….

Effective April 9th, 2018

After 18 years of calling Old Town home, Clark Kjos Architects is relocating its studio to the seventh floor in the historic Electric Building to be closer to the heart of downtown Portland. The move marks a new chapter by bringing an open workspace design concept that will allow for more flexible and open collaboration between team members.

Clark Kjos will occupy the seventh floor of the nine-story building. With generous windows and exposed structural elements, staff will be able to enjoy a light-filled office with standing and sitting workstations that have nearby seating clusters for collaboration. The design is in keeping with open, flexible environments that have become common in the urban tech industry.

The front of the office serves as an open and welcoming space that incorporates flexible furniture, with mobile writing and pin-up surfaces for team and client meetings. It also features a seating “nest” as an alternative space for staff to work or take a break away from their normal desk space.

Tyler Carlson, Principal for Clark Kjos Architects, said the space offers more flexibility. “We have designed the space to offer ultimate flexibility around our collaborative workstyle.” he said, “As we have seen with our clients, the workplace requires constant change and innovation to accommodate a variety of workstyles and meetings types. Our new space is designed to help our teams create better integrated design with more convenient, comfortable and better communication.”

Included within the space is an ample materials and sample library, two conference rooms, and there are three private work rooms for individuals who need a quiet place to focus.  The new space will not only meet the various work style needs of staff but it will also allow for a more harmonious environment for collaboration.

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